About Dr. Robert Henderson

Dr. Robert Henderson is a licensed doctor of chiropractic from the United States. He realized early on the connections between the mind and the body. Being from New Orleans, Louisiana and eating fatty foods at nine years old Robert weighed close to 48 kilograms. He pictured himself lean and healthy so he decided to take action. The leaves around Lake Ponchatrain provided a scenic path to run and breathe fresh air. He began to eat healthier and lighter. A year later and a bit taller Robert weighed 37 kilograms and made the basketball team.

In highschool and university he worked as a personal trainer in 3 gyms helping people achieve their fitness goals. “When a person begins to exercise, naturally they eat healthier and begin to sleep deeper. If you can change one part of your routine it affects your entire day.” A sports injury at 20 years old led Robert to the chiropractor. A week later he was driving cross country and snowboarding in the mountains. He was convinced that that proper spinal care maximizes human performance in sports.

Dr.Robert Henderson University of New Orleans, Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Physiology Life University, Doctorate of Chiropractic 20150907_121023

Life University in Marietta, Georgia, USA is famous for graduating experts in chropractic adjustments. Robert experienced the benefits chiropractic care weekly while studying, exercising and networking in school. He experienced a diverse culture of health and healing. There are speciaists in pediatrics, neurology, sports medicine, pregnancy, extremities and countless adjusting techniques. “ We focus care on families and athletes because it is exciting to watch the community grow and prosper.”

The owner of Casa Quiropractica Del Sur Dr. Robert would like to know: why you are seeking care, how your problem affects your time with work, family and exercise. What is preventing you from recovery, what we do in our office.and what type of results would you like to see and in what time frame. “Like slowly unwinding a rubber band, each adjustment relaxes tension in the spine and nerves.”