The Consultation 

Because each person is different Dr. Rob designs his technique specifically for you and your body. Why are you not improving? Perhaps the way you move, walk and hold your posture affect the function of your body.

The first appointment includes a medical history to determine if chiropractic adjustments can help. Dr. Rob will listen to why you are seeking attention, how your problem affects your day and what keeps you from getting better.

Next a spinal examination helps to determine if you have and where you are misaligned. The examination is performed in a seated position, standing, and laying on the chiropractic table. X-rays are recommended in some cases. The chiropractic adjustment includes the entire spine.

Dr. Robert adjusts with his hands, uses instruments and has a chiropractic table that has "drops" to gently adjust the misaligned vertebrae.Dr. Robert will give you all the necessary recommendations to achieve your goals as quickly and easily as possible.

"Your body always wants to heal itself at 100% capacity. Stress and tension prevent the healing process. Chiropractic allows you to heal naturally and safely. "